Wednesday, April 30, 2008

labor of love

For ZooDisc B, the season is effectively over.  We're still calling practices, but without much to practice for.  The weaker and more apathetic players have picked up on this, and the numbers have seriously dropped off (and we didn't have that many to begin with).  The A-team is heading to regionals this weekend, and but has a hemorrhaging roster due to injuries.  They're having trouble fielding a 6 on 6 scrimmage, which is abysmal for a team aiming for nationals.  

For a team like UMass, I just don't see the sense in splitting the squads.  The team can't rely on having a sweet freshman class every year (although our last two recruiting periods have been fruitful).  If the team wants sustained success, I really believe it needs to combine squads at least for a portion of the year.

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